It doesn't matter what caliber you are shooting if you are too blurry-eyed to hit the target.

We have a solution for that.

In collaboration with Sturgis Coffee Co., Defiant Munitions is proud to bring you our very own medium roast coffee. We call it the "TCX" Total Coffee Xperience. 

Stale coffee is like a bad primer.  Our TCX isn't sitting around on our shelves, waiting for someone to order it.  It is locally sourced, on demand...roasted and packaged daily for our customers. 

With applications from cold brew to espresso, this smooth blend has universal appeal.

Available in whole beans for those who like the foreplay of grinding your own and a medium grind for those seeking to get right to the hot and wet action.


Improperly consuming coffee can cause serious injury.  Coffee consumption should only be attempted after complete instruction and strict compliance with instructions and data in recognized coffee consumption manuals. PLEASE READ ALL PACKAGE WARNING LABLES BEFORE USE.

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After finishing my first pot of this coffee, (yes, by myself)..... I need to order more; ALOT more. The first cup was without creamer. It’s a smooth flavor with no bitterness at all. Perfectly roasted and fresh; simply wonderful. The second cup, I added from French Vanilla Cramer, and let me tell ya, it’s liquid heaven in a cup. I can’t explain how good it is. I could drink this every day, all day. I 100% recommend this coffee. You won’t be disappointed.