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Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Hunt

Posted by Defiant Contributor~ Rena Gillis on Mar 8th 2023

As a city girl from St. Louis, Missouri, who moved to South Dakota, I had never hunted a day in my life. Although Pete and I had discussed it many times, hunting was something I had yet to check off my bucket list. That is, until a week ago when an incredible opportunity presented itself. Pete invited me on a buffalo hunt using his newly designed Defiant Munitions 500 S&W cartridge. Despite feeling a bit nervous about it all, I agreed without hesitation. 500 Smith and Wesson was not a caliber I was familiar with, but my excitement for new experiences outweighed my fear of the unknown.

When we arrived, Eric Nelson, the owner of Guide & Gun, was waiting to pick us up. Knowing this was my first hunt, he asked me if I was nervous. I admitted that I was a little apprehensive being a first-time hunter, but after chatting with him and Pete on the way to our destination, the nerves subsided, and I began to feel comfortable. As we approached the buffalo, there was little time to think. It was go time! Although my practice had only consisted of three rounds, I felt a sense of calm come over me. My legs were a bit shaky, but I reminded myself that this was normal, especially for my first hunt.

As I took aim with the red dot, I felt incredibly confident. I slowed my breathing, steadied my rifle, and lightly pressed the trigger. At that moment, all my hard work paid off. My shot was spot on! I was so proud of myself and grateful for Pete and Eric, who made me feel comfortable and at ease. This hunting experience was definitely one for the books, and I will never forget it! If you're interested in this type of hunt, I highly recommend contacting Eric Nelson at Guide & Gun. And make sure you go to Pete Junior at Defiant Munitions for all your ammo needs. They truly are the best in the biz!