Designed as the ultimate sub-gun ammo, and built with all new components, the TCX9-Subsonic is a 135 grain, 9mm Luger+P Solid Copper Defensive round.

The TCX9S offers a muzzle velocity of 975 feet per second and 285 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, as tested in a standard Glock 17, 4.49 inch barrel.


Don't be fooled by the price.  Most quality defensive ammo is packaged 20 to a box.  The Defiant Munitions TCX9 is packaged 50 rounds per box, because you should have the same ammo in your spare magazine as you do in your primary.

We build these to our exacting standards to ensure you have only the most consistent and reliable defensive ammo available.

Current Stock:
5.00 (in)
2.75 (in)
1.40 (in)
New or Reman:
9mm Luger
Projectile Type:
Projectile Weight:
Muzzle Velocity (FPS):
Muzzle Energy (ft/lbs):
Test Barrel Length and Twist Rate:
Rounds per Package:
50 rds
Packaging Type:
Box & Insert

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9mm 135 gr TCX-S

Perfection! Meticulous construction and materials, functioned flawlessly in Sig, H&K, and Glock, consistent groupings from 15 to 25. Customer service and follow up without exception. Plan on purchasing more 9mm when available, and encourage development of additional calibers, for example .357, .45, even 38 spl. match.

Best Ammunition! Worth the money!

Bought 2 different kinds of rounds for my 9mm. Very pleased with them both. Highly recommend the copper rounds! Thank you guys!

Great product

Hold one in your hand and you will tell the quality that these were made. and you open the package and they show the pride they have in them. Anything my them will be my go to self defense rounds.

Great product

Great product. you can tell the quality just by holding one in your hand. And you can tell the pride in the product. this will be my go to round for self defense.